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Campaign Created by: Guardians of Freedom Michigan
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Goal : $200,000

Raised : $4,979

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Guardians of Freedom Michigan (GOFM) is a community liberties organization.  We believe in advocating for Michigander's God-given and constitutionally protected liberties through education, legal pathways, lobbying and events. GOFM is also partnering with other like minded groups in Michigan and throughout the country.  There is strength in numbers!
GOFM believes in having meetings that any Michigander can easily attend.  GOFM stands on the belief and understanding that our federal and state Constitutions are based on God's Word, the Bible.  GOFM was established in January 2021.

MISSION: Guardians of Freedom Michigan mission is to file a federal lawsuit in Michigan joining alongside Ohio Stands Up! and New Mexico Stands Up! challenging a governor’s entire state of emergency so we can reclaim Michigan, educate Michiganders and all Americans about the reality of COVID-19 while ensuring our Constitutional rights are honored in the process. Our Board is comprised of myself (Joie Vawter) and 3 fellow board members. We are courageous and concerned freedom-loving Michiganders who insist our elected leaders be held accountable and be shown they cannot act with impunity for their tyrannical behavior. The Board is responsible for making all legal and financial decisions and leading this new movement.

YOUR DONATIONS: Your financial support and sharing of this GiveSendGo campaign are greatly appreciated. Thank you to all patriots who continue donating to help us raise the necessary funds so we can start and continue this battle. We rely on your continued support as this will be an be an expensive battle with ongoing legal costs, but it’s a battle we must fight and win. We are in it to win it!  Anything contributes to the cause! Everything makes a difference! You can donate anonymously if you so choose. If you can’t donate, please at least share our GiveSendGo link. Thank YOU for your donations and for sharing! 
Donations will be used to launch our organization, to secure a legal team and to continuously fund legal services through the legal team we hire, as well as provide support services like communication tools and web hosting, and services to help further our movement including education and advertising, etc. Fiscal responsibility and transparency are of paramount importance to us. The donations will be transferred from GiveSendGo directly into Guardians of Freedom Michigan bank account. The Guardians of Freedom Michigan Board will receive documentation of the transfer into the bank account. Upon receiving billing receipts from the legal team we hire, they will be posted on GiveSendGo for donors to review.

Alternately, donations may be mailed to:
Guardians of Freedom Michigan
P.O. Box 836 Walled Lake, MI 48390

Donations may be given through our Paypal:

Thank-you for joining us in this movement.

To freedom,
The Guardians of Freedom Michigan Board



Update #10 Distractions
April 7, 2021
facebook twitter

Dear GOFM friends,
Distractions are always popping up.  Why do we always get side-tracked by distractions that lure us away from the real goal, the elephant in the room?  My guess is it is easier to say, "well, we needed to take care of this or that. It seemed more important at the time. I just got distracted." when we look years down the road and still find ourselves faced with the same problem, the same elephant in the room. 
In our case as Michiganders, we are beign held hostage by the state of emergency that our governor declared.  She uses it to keep us separated, keep our mouths muzzled, keep subjecting us to un-proven testing, keep us hostage in self-quaratines, illegal lockdowns, medical services that are needed but cannot be obtained unless we comply with mandates that are not laws, our offspring out of the schools unless we force our offspring to comply with mandates that are not laws, can't play sports unless we once again make our offspring comply with mandates that are un-safe and un-necessary that have been proven by science and data to be dangerous and not to the benefit of our offspring.  We know the election has serious FR--D, we know the health passport is a serious FR--D, we know the shot is a serious FR--D, same with the masks, the quarantines, the 6 feet apart, the lockdowns, the redefining of herd immunity by the WHO and CDC, the invasion of the government agencies into our businesses (our livelyhoods), the fees, the whole system in actuality. 
Now is not the time to get distracted.  When you see other states getting results, we need to do what they are doing.  GOFM is working on just that.  We are going after the elephant in the room.  We are following in the footsteps of 3 other states that are seeing changes as a result of the action they have taken.  We share that with you in our mission on our website.  Ohio, New Mexico, and Maine are already winning just because of the action they took.  We want to take the same action. 
In order to do that, we must remain focused.  We must shove those distractions to the wayside and forge on with the mission.  Our mission is to challenge the state of emergency in federal court.  For GOFM to do that, we need you to share our website with other like minded individuals, direct them to read our mission and sign up with us if they agree. 
We need to know that we have the backing of enough Michigander's to fund this lawsuit/battle to protect freedom.  We need to be able to show we have the support of our community to the lawyer that will be exactly who we need to unite and work with us to protect freedom. 
So for now, we ask that you help put our ground game into hyper drive by getting out there  and talking with others that are ready for all this madness to end.  Bonus?  You may make some new friends that do value what you value...Freedom. 
Let's not allow ourselves to get distracted and find ourselves in the gulag (concentration/re-education camps). 
Let's work together, let's stay focused, let's protect our community and freedom!
For transparency: We will be asking you for money to fund this lawsuit.  The more individuals we have supporting the less money required of each individual.  Freedom isn't free.
God bless you and to freedom,

Update #9 GOD provides...
March 11, 2021
facebook twitter

Dear GOFM friends,

Thank you for your prayers.  We have secured a location for our Bradlee Dean event on the 19th.  We are thrilled with the place that is providing the space and to be helping a small business owner in these times.  If you would like to know more about our "Evening of truth & fellowship with Bradlee Dean" please visit our website today.
GOFM did use donation money to pay for the space of this event (noted for our transparency to you).

Please subscribe to our email list through our website, this helps to organize Michigan so we can hold our elected officials accountable.  To do that, we need to know how many stand united with us in every voting jurisdiction.

Please prayerfully consider donationg today, go to our Paypal.

We are working diligently to be good stewards of your hard earned money and to be transparent with you because you deserve it.  Thank you and God bless you.
Freedom is never free.

To freedom,


Update #8 GOFM Cards
March 5, 2021
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GOFM friends,
We have made a purchase of our first batch of connect/contact cards for Guardians of Freedom Michigan.  We have a couple events coming up and we want those we come in contact with to have a GOFM card to refer to on how to contact us.  We want our meeting attendees to have contact cards to hand out to individuals they reach out to in the community.  We love connecting with individuals in our community (all of Michigan).  GOFM strives to educate on consutitutionally protected freedoms, protect freedom, and advocate on behalf of individuals.  We want you to be able to get our contact information to those that need our guidance on the items above.  We also are working toward our mission goal of filing a federal lawsuit to challenge the governor's state of emergency in order to protect freedom.  We want you to be able to get our contact information to those that support this mission goal.  We need 100s of thousands of Michiganders to come along side GOFM in support.  When we live and work together united in protecting our comminities; we protect freedom!
Please consider donationg today, go to our Paypal.
Our website:
Freedom is never free.
God bless you always.
To freedom,

Update #7 We have Paypal!
February 28, 2021
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Dear GOFM friends,
We have another option for accepting donations while we continue to wait on Give Send Go to release their payment solution processor platfom.  We are prayerful that GSG is able to launch it very soon.
While waiting, we opted to try Paypal.  We got approval and have successfully received our first donation via Paypal today.
We of course happily still accept cash and checks to Guardians of Freedom Michigan as well. 
We will continue to use our GSG platform by using the other amazing tools to keep everyone updated including listing all of our offline donations so, we can see that circle continue to be colored in.
Thank-you for your continued support in working united with us protecting our community (Michigan).

Our Paypal link:

God bless you always !
To freedom,

Update #6 Our website soft launch!
February 25, 2021
facebook twitter

Dear GOFM friends,
We like to be transparent with you.  You deserve it and we are happy to provide it.  Today we are doing our soft launch of our website.  Most major parts are done and working.  We need to still fill in places and it will be slightly evident to you as you navigate around our brand new website. Stock photos still need to be replaced with our personalized ones. Our donate button works to link to Give Send Go but, you still cannot donate through GSG.  They still need to launch their payment solutions processor. Please send us a check in the meant time! 

We have had wonderful help from Robert Vance of ProvanceTek to build our website.  He also did the website for our sister groups Ohio Stands Up! and Missouri Stands Up!  So, you will see many similarities between our sites to help with cohesivness.  We received more wonderful help from Rebecca (one of our board members) with our logo and branding.  We have been truly blessed both both of these professionals as they have held our hands and walked us through this very important process.  So much learning has been done and will still be done.  Learning is a constant process for the lifetime!  Links to their websites are below.

Thank-you for your excitement regarding our mission of filing a federal lawsuit challenging the state of emergency.  Thank you for sending your donations in via check made payable to Guardians of Freedom Michigan (address listed below).  We appreciate your committment to our movement. 

When you check out our website, please take the time to sign up with us.  We need your information to help organize Michigan to advocate on your behalf with the elected officials and those that plan to run for office.  We must get organized now to be ready!
We also need to you sign up with the national organization we are partnered with, Make Americans Free Again (MAFA).  We must also be organized on the national level.  You can find their website on our Resources page.  Thank-you for being sure to sign up with GOFM and MAFA, this is of equal importance for living and working united to protect our communities.  This will help to ensure that GOFM can follow through with our intentions of Educate. Protect. Advocate.
Educate on constitutionally protected rights.
Protect freedom.
Advocate on behalf of individuals.
Freedom is never free.

We promise to be good stewards of your personal information and your hard earned money you donate to GOFM.  Want to be more involved?  Email us:
Now, please go check out our website;

References for those that helped GOFM build & brand our website:
Branding & Logo:

To freedom,
Joie GOFM, Director
Guardians of Freedom Michigan
P.O. Box 836
Walled Lake, MI 48390

Update #5 The other ways you can support GOFM
February 23, 2021
facebook twitter

Dear GOFM friend,
Thank you for your interest in Guardians of Freedom Michigan, a community liberties organization!
In order for Guardians of Freedom Michigan (GOFM) to bring about the change needed
we must expand throughout the state. The best way to do this is to have more people
willing to be meeting leaders in their area. Would you consider doing this?
You would be a great help in reaching your community with the mission of GOFM.
As a meeting leader you are able to choose the meeting day and time that works best
for you. We ask that you choose a day and time that you can consistently hold your weekly meeting. We are happy to talk with you further regarding this and will provide guidance and support for your meetings to be successful.
Other ways you can help:
● Recruiting - please speak with other like-minded people about our movement
and forward them our invite email.
● Call to Actions - please participate in our call to actions. These are often
letter/email writing campaigns.
● Events - please participate in our mask-less shopping events and even organize
a local event yourself.
● Donations - please donate financially to our organization. We will need money
for the federal lawsuit; there is no way around it.
Thank you for considering what you can do to work united with GOFM to help free our state from tyranny and, keep it free from tyranny.
YOU are imperative to the success of GOFM and we appreciate your desire to make Michigan a better place. Please prayerfully consider your part in making this a success.
Please let us know how you intend to take part in our community liberties organization.
In Freedom,
Joie Vawter, Director

Update #4 Our logo has been completed!
February 19, 2021
facebook twitter

Dear GOFM friends,
We are excited to share that our Guardians of freedom logo has been finished.  We will be unveiling it in our educational brochures, cards about who were are and business/contact cards that we will be passing out to encourage others to join our movement. 
Our website is nearing its launch as well.  Hopefully, that will be out next update.
We will be announcing two upcoming events to help create awareness, educate, and empower individuals to exercise their God-given freedoms.  More word will come out on those once we finalize details.  We are excited to be an encouragement to all Michiganders!  God bless you.
To freedom,

Update #3 GOFM is starting to come together
February 9, 2021
facebook twitter

GOFM friends,
We are still waiting to be able to accept your generous doantions to our organization.  You have let us know that you identify with our purpose and recognize the need we fill;  for that and you, we are grateful.
While we wait...
We are wittling away at other items that need to be completed. 
  • We are deciding on our finalized logo for Guardians of Freedom.  We are very excited about what our graphic designer has presented to us for choices.  She also happens to be a member of GOFM and she is graciously donating her professional talents to our organization.
  • We have also sent the money (he gave us an amazing deal) to our web designer to set our website up. We hope to have access to it in about a week.  We will be able to spell out some much more of our goals and plans to you on there as well as our progress.  We will have a home base!
  • Our main goal is to recruit as many Michiganders to GOFM in some capacity of support.  We are not shy in stating the fact that in order to do what we plan to do (file the federal lawsuit), we will need several thousands of people.  We will also needs several 100's of thousands of dollars.  We know that the more people we have that support the mission & goals we have, the more attainable it will be for raising the funds we will need to help liberate Michiganders.
  • We are asking everyone to consider becoming a meeting leader in your area.  We will train you and give you access to everything you need to be successful.  This is how we grow.  We are striving to cover Michigan completely with meetings.  We want every Michigander to have easy access to a GOFM meeting.  We ask that every Michigander prayerfully consider being a meeting leader.
  • We have a goal of creating small communities of support for each other from these meetings as well.
We have more ways for you to get involved.  Stay tuned! 
Thank-you for checking in to see the latest regarding GOFM.  Thank-you for you prayers and God bless you.

To freedom,

Update #2 Holding Pattern, Patience & Prayers
February 6, 2021
facebook twitter

Dear GOFM friends,
We are not live just quite yet.  We have faced an issue with the processor that was in place when we set up our GSG account.  They do not want to process our donations that come in becasue we are a Christian, Conservative, Constitution exercising and protecting organization. 
All is not lost, we are just on hold while GSG finishes launching their own processing platform, Amur.  This is about a week away.  We will continue to be patient as this much needed transition happens.  We are grateful that GSG took the iniative to develop their own processing platform.  We are praying that the launch goes smoothly.  Please keep GSG in your prayers as the continue to stand up for biblical principles amidst much hate being flung their way.  We must stand along side them with our prayerful support and use of their incredible platforms. 
In the meantime while we wait, we do have another option for you to send your donations to Guardians of Freedom Michigan.  You can mail a check to us!  Our address is Guardians of Freedom Michigan P.O. Box 836 Walled Lake, MI 48390
Thank-you for blessing our movement with your support and prayer.  God bless you!
To freedom, Joie

Update #1 We Are Live!
January 31, 2021
facebook twitter

Dear GOFM friends,
We are now live on Give Send Go.  We had a tiny hiccup.  We have it all corrected (in our case completed) and we can now accept your generous donations.  Any donation is significant, is helpful and we are grateful.  Each donation gets us closer to fully funding the rest of our launch and well on our way to funding our first major lawsuit.  Currently, we are educating Michiganders at our weekly meetings all over Michigan.  More on how to connect with us coming in another update.
For now, please contact us through Give Send Go.  God bless you.
To freedom,


  • Dear GOFM friends, please pray that The Lord connects us with our legal team in His perfect timing. Thank-you and Amen.
  • Dear GOFM friends, please pray the The Lord blesses GSG regarding the launch of their processing payment solution with great favor. Thank-you and Amen.
  • Dear GOFM friends, it seems we have been encountering heavy spiritual warfare since the inception of Guardians of Freedom Michigan. We know we are on the right path as this is an assignment from The Lord. Please keep us in your prayers as we forge forth in protecting your constutional freedoms that protect your God-given inalienable freedoms and teach you how to exercise them. Please pray that many individuals are drawn to our movement and join us. Please pray that all Michiganders comprehend how important it is to get involved with Guardians of Freedom Michigan. There is strength in numbers and we need 10K of you to join us today! Thank-you for your prayerful consideration as you read through our campaign. To freedom, Joie

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