On New Years Eve, we lost our brother and friend in his sleep to the Lord. He was 42 years young when he left this life! Aaron leaves behind him his loving parents, a sister and his girlfriend and her 2 children. He was such an amazing and kind hearted man, who was willing to help another out no matter the situation. He remained a steady help and hand for his parents, and his selfless nature allowed him to be there for family and friends as often as he could! He was loved by all who knew him, and had such a big heart that allowed him to love back all those he cared for! He took on a roll recently that many would not! He with open arms willing became Dad to his girlfriend's 5 and 3 years old kiddos, who he loved as his own. They are left now in their grief to struggle with this loss, both emotionally and physically!  Aaron was his parents right hand man, and his girlfriend is now left seeking more work to make ends meet, where he was their provider before hand. He is gone but never forgotten as he touched many lives in his time!  If you so choose and feel compelled to donate, any amount, please do so in the name of Christ Our Savior. For the name of a man who deserved so much more for what he left behind, as he is now with our loved ones in heaven! ❤️