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     Zeke is an 8-month-old Mini Goldendoodle who is an emotional support animal for Kristin Carter. Zeke was a gift from her husband Jacob after Kristin struggled with a long recovery from a terrible fall. Kristin is still recovering from injuries sustained in the fall and accompanying PTS. Zeke is an almost 12-pound bundle of sheer joy born March 12, 2021. In recent months, Zeke has made the difference between Kristin being able to work and function in daily activities and not. 
    Zeke saved Kristin’s life. She is a passionate writer and avid cyclist who went from living a very active lifestyle to being confined into bed to recuperate from devastating injuries.
This puppy is a beloved part of the family and the community. He begs for human attention, capturing the hearts of all those who meet this fluffy puppy who acts human and prefers people to other dogs as playmates. Zeke will chase any ball, dribbles a soccer ball and possesses exuberant curiosity that radiates joy.  He is trusting and loving, quick to give his belly up for a rub to soften even the hardest of hearts into giving him a few moments of attention.
     Zeke is smart! He knows how to say prayers and thanks. He is a skilled sock-stealer and heart thief with a puppy head tilt and soulful eyes that beg for love. He gives love freely and more freely brings joy everywhere.

     A few days ago, puppy curiosity turned deadly when this precious emotional support dog swallowed a foreign body. We don’t know what it was that Zeke ate, but his health and life are at stake now as we search for a vet to perform life-saving surgery on this animal that saved the life of his person.
     Zeke swallowed a foreign body that is blocking the passage of liquids and in the small intestine. There is evidence of damage to a significant portion of the small intestine and anti-vomiting drugs have failed to stop the vomiting.  The energetic puppy is limp and lifeless, refusing to drink and whimpering though in the loving care of Kristin while desperate efforts to secure affordable care are in high gear.

 Updates on Zeke:

Zeke has been discharged from Blue Pearl with subcutaneous fluids and pain meds while Jacob and Kristin search for a vet to remove the bowel obstruction.  (Sunday, 11/21 8 pm)

He is in the pet Emergency today awaiting a decision for his care. (Sunday, 11/21 7 pm)

X-rays show a decline in Zeke’s condition from yesterday when he was first diagnosed at Thrive Vet. (Sunday, 11/21 4 pm)


Urban Pet Hospital Saved Puppy Zeke - But ...
November 26, 2021
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A good friend happens to work at the clinic that saved Zeke's life. In fact, it was that friend who suggested I take him to Urban Pet Hospital. We are so grateful to the staff and doctors there that said YES to saving our sweet lovey puppy when so many places said no. 
Zeke is being a good boy until he has to have medicine. He does not like the medicine! 

We still need funds to be able to take him home. We cannot take him home until our final bill is paid in full. We are exploring every option presented to us to speed that process along.
The clinic is doing so much to work with us and is being understanding about the situation. I cannot say enough good things about this place. Everyone is so kind.
Keep in mind, a veterinarian can say no to a client. Pets, as much as we love them, are not people and the legal burden a hospital has to perform any lifesaving measures on any person does not apply. Unlike a people hospital, a veterinarian does not have insurance companies paying bills regularly to supplement what the patient pays. The doctors who own the clinics are running a business and the clinic is their means to provide for their families and pay their employees. It is a fee-for-service business and there is nothing but respect for the professionals who see people distraught over hurt, sick, and dying pets and still remain professional about the relationship they must maintain with the humans who love the animals. It is not easy for the doctors and staff attend to see the people in pain and distress about the animals they treat with love and great care while they witness the hardships the pet parents endure.

Zeke is an emotional support animal and his absence from the home is deeply felt. Every day that passes with him out of Kristin’s care is a day her challenges multiply beyond merely what life brings to the table. We are in great need of the funds to get Zeke home, but more in need of prayers and shares. Please pray for the windows to open to show the way for Kristin and Zeke to be reunited. If you cannot – or do not wish to – give, consider sharing this with others along with a prayer we find a solution soon. And pray for the doctors and the staff who have been kind and cared for a little puppy that misses him mom, must certainly be confused and needs to be home.

Thank you!

Visiting Puppy Zeke
November 24, 2021
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Kristin is on her way now to visit Puppy Zeke. She will not be able to take him home until the vet bill is paid. We are still quite a distance from that reality. 
He can board at the facility for a time while we find the necessary funds. 
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving ... and Kristin's birthday. Recent life changes have compounded her situation, making Zeke a vital piece of her well-being. 
Prayers continue we get Kristin and Zeke reunited soon! 
Any donation you make will make reality what feels impossible in this moment. 
Kristin is not doing as well as Zeke is. Prayers for her are also needed... 

Zeke is out of surgery
November 22, 2021
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Final monologue of Marley & Me

“A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water logged stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary?”

Zeke is in critical condition
November 22, 2021
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We spent several hours locating a vet to perform the life-saving surgery thi morning. 

Upon our arrival for intake, the vet determined Zeke's condition had deteriorated sufficiently that he could not wait to be stabilized before undergoing a gastronomy. 

Zeke has been in surgery now for more than an hour. Prayers are needed desperately as is financial assistance to pay for what is amounting to an extensive procedure.

Thank you to all of Zeke's fans and friends. We are blessed to have this little guy in our lives. 

Kristin is devastated at the thought of losing an important part of her life. Zeke brought joy and recovery to Kristin and continues to provide support for her. 


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