Helping a fellow brother in a time of need

Campaign Created by: Marcos Vallejo
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Jon Mendez.


Goal : $35,000

Raised : $22,560

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     Recently a good friend, fellow controller and aviation brother, Jon Mendez, was unfortunately diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma B-cell on October 15,2021. The tragic news came at a disturbing surprise for Jon and his family. Jon has been a member of the aviation community for about 14 years working as a maintenence technician at Newark, Kennedy and LaGuardia airports for about 7 years and another 7 years as an air traffic controller at Charleston and currently training at Newark airport. Even though cancer doesn't run in Jon's family, he's now facing an uphill battler for the next few months at the very least. The chemotherapy that Jon is undergoing is the most aggressive form due to the size of the mass discovered in his chest. To start, he will be going through six rounds of chemotherapy and each one lasting 5 days straight. He also has a pump infusing him with even more chemotherapy 24 hours during those 5 days as well. This chemotherapy process will be done every three weeks where Jon will be exposed one week to it and then will have two weeks off, only to return again for further treatment. This entire process can last several months depending on the success. 
     As you all can imagine this burden is a lot for anyone in such a position like Jon and his family who is a husband and father of 2 kids ages 16 and 10. After speaking to Jon, he has mentioned to me that out of pocket expenses for chemotherapy and medication will be close to $20,000 at this moment. While obtaining chemotherapy, his wife is going to take time off of work to tend to Jon as best as she can not only just taking him to his vital appointments, but also ensuring he's well taken cared of at the comfort of his home. 
     Jon told me a very uplifting and inspirational story that I want to share with you. As a result of what's occuring, Jon needed to purchase a specialized mattress and bed that costs over $8,000. The need for this specialized bed is because Jon can't sleep laying flat. He must be on a 45 degree angle since the cancereous mass thats 15cm in size can compress on the surrounding arteries that run to his face, head and neck and can cause swelling and pressure. By the grace of God, when he went to purchase the bed, he was helped by a very compassionate person who happened to be the manager of the business. She saw the port in his chest and asked Jon why he needed the set and he told her what was going on. This is the type of help Jon needs and if a total stranger is able to help him out by giving him a $3000 discount on the bed and mattress he needed, then I am confident that all of us can come together to help during these difficult times. The goal of this fund raiser is $35,000 to pay for medical expenses, treatment, equipment, lost wages, and anything else we can help with. No donation is too little so please help out even if it's just saying a prayer for Jon and his family.
     We thank you all in advance for the support and wish Jon a healthy and speedy recovery. God bless. 


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