Encouragement Comes From Unusual People Sometimes! ?
Just want to thank each of you for   having the discernment and inclination of the Spirit to help those about The Kingdom of God Things; Jesus, Souls of Men, Salvation, Life, Death, Good, Evil, Eternity, Judgement, and Personal Responsibility. Thank you for Giving! Over the last few days I was Out visiting in the Community, as I Shared my Reason for being there, a man approached me and said, Man! You look Sensational , with a big smile on his face! Brothers & Sister's I just had On jeans & a shirt! ?   I said wow! Thank you sir.
And thank each of You for you gift of Love.  Your donation Helps me and Strenghtens ME to Keep on Telling the Story of Jesus' Love, Power and Salvation.  It Saved Me at  20 years of Age...out if no where, just like the Encouagement of You and The man saying to me ,  Man! You look Sensational. Come back soon! God bless You, Your Family, and All Your Circumstance Today. He Loves You! We Love You Here. God's Word To You, Psalm 29.11, find The Precious Jewel & Nugget just for You!