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  Fifth level Fitness started out as a way to help our friends get accesses to natural supplements. Also a way to help out others like myself who did not have health insurance or had burned one to many times by a health system that seems to not work well any longer.

    I have spent my whole life suffering from intestinal issues. As an infant it was called under developed digestive tract then as a child and into my young adulthood it was nervous stomach. We tried everything and nothing ever worked. Drugs, doctors, change in diets, you name it we tried it. As an adult I would get a flair up go to the doctors and try the latest treatments and drugs, nothing worked. Many of the things they had me doing would make it worse. Eventually I would lose my job and my insurance and I would be back on my own trying to guess what to do next. It would go away after some periods and I would go back to work and this cycle would repeat again. By my late 20s I was married and had a child to take care of and still no answers that’s when doctors started calling it IBS and explained to me I should start filing for disability that it would take time but it was my best option. I would pray on it and always got the same answer back NO keep trying. So I would tell the doctors no and ask what to do next. That’s when they started to call it a mental health issue. After that I really received no real help from the health care system.

   I just keep going on. I was able to work in emergency services for 20 years working as a medic and an Emergency Manager on the front line but that took its toll ankles knees and shoulders. So when I was offered a chance to teach I took it. There I meet a scientist and former Health Sciences Dean who worked with a supplement company whose products were only available through healthcare providers and authorized distributors with him being one of them. He convinced me to try their meal replacement powder and WOW for the first time I had something that I could take to keep going when a flair up happened. Life was better. we were expanding the learning center where I was teaching, Then COVID hit, no problem just a temporary set back. I was lay ed off with no benefits as I was an adjunct instructor but told classes would return in the future. Well after a year the school decided to stop offering that particular medical training and I was let go as the institution had to make a shift in programs. I still enjoy visiting former coworkers and the administration at the center.

   That is when we decided to start Fifth Level Fitness as a way to help our friends get accesses to natural supplements. The products are intensely researched by the manufacturer with extensive laboratory scrutiny and evaluation on each product. There is no “buy what you want” as the average retailer or big box store model works. We listen carefully, and if we do not think we can offer a product that is safe, effective and can help, we say so……. and often refer potential customers to seek healthcare professional advice first or refer the case to the clinical director of the supplier for advice.

   As a way to help out others like myself who do not have health insurance or had been let down one to many times by a health system that does not work well in many instances this venture was conceived and is slowly gaining a small but good following of local support as the people we interact with are not to sell “stuff” but can listen, understand, and consult with others.

     I took the last of my savings and my government stimulus check and we started Fifth Level Fitness. Based on honesty, a clear understanding that we do not know everything, but have access to resources and always practice consideration. We were open for 2 weeks when I quarantined for non-symptomatic infection under guidelines for what turned out to be 5 weeks.

   That brings us to today where I am asking and praying to find the financing needed to inject needed additional resources into this company and finish bringing in product and bring in other naturopathic, safe products to expand the access to the items we know our little customer base has told us works for them. Once we accomplish that we will build on it to help people to self-educate and inform people.

   Citizens need to be encouraged to be their own best advocates in their healthcare and engage their healthcare providers with good questions regarding their conditions. They should also have access to responsible alternatives when they are seeking other avenues. Many of today’s over-the-counter remedies and health support did in fact originate in those early discoveries and new discoveries of today based on solid science and the technologies that analyze those natural compounds. Fifth Level Fitness has started small in a rural area with limited access to “traditional” healthcare. We have seen positive results with offerings we have and we have advised people to check with their providers be they conventional or other legitimate providers if we do not have an answer. Many times we have the safe suggestions to try our path of products. And, they work.

    Pepole have a right to challenge their doctors and hold them the accountable. A lot has gone wrong in our nation we have turned our back on our Lord and tuned him out. Fifth level Fitness wants to change that by selling quality, scientifically researched natural products. Also teaching people how to take control of their health. Remember to be healthy you need to understand and address the 4 pillars of health Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Only when you address all of them can you reach that 5th level of fitness. 

   Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. You can help by donating or going to our website and e-mailing me to see if there is a way I can help. Or you can go to Dove Creek Press and subscribe to a small-town, family-owned newspaper. They are helping me out by sponsoring my little store. We are different, in a good way. No hype. No outrageous claims.



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