Deceived and disabled by the vax

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I was a healthy 46 year old respiratory therapist working the frontline in covid units  until I was deceived and disabled by the covid vax. I had covid in December w lasting fatigue and bronchitis. I went to my pulmonologist to talk about natural immunity and when to get the vax to protect myself for when I return to work since I work all the covid units at the hosptal. I was told immunity is only 90 days and given a letter for emplyee health to start my vacinne series. On February 24, 2021, I received my first moderna, within 5 days I was having trouble walking, using my hands, extreme nerve pain. Then things progressed to rt sided weakness, extreme nerve pain in extremedies, tingling needle prickly face, numb lips, hard time swallowing, digestive and bladder issues, loosing ability to move right leg. I was hospitalized 3 times and had 2 lumbar punctures and labs and they discovered the vacinne gave me a rare neurological autoimmune syndrome (Sjögren's syndrome). Hospital started me on ivig infusions which gave me some relief and got me in with neurologist and rheumatologist which I see currently. It's been 7 months and Iv had 8 rounds of ivig infusions (3 days each), and chest port for treatment placed. I have been poked to much and IV access is very challenging now on me. 
battleling w insurance for more ivig infusions has been challenging last few months and Iv declined and lost ground I need to gain back now. I'm losing my job December 2021 and living on long term disability. Social security disability approval process was started in august. I'm swallowing my pride and asking for help. I'm at a critical point were il loose my insurance December and need to purchase a policy with the same company and pay my max out of pocket in January becasuse I'm  established and fought so hard for ivig. It's 24k each round so it's hard to get approved. I want to keep my doctors so my care stays consistent and they are really trying to help me. I can't imagine starting over with new doctors or insurance company. My next level of treatment if I can't have ivig is high IV steroid and leukemia cancer drugs to shut off my immune system which has very scary side effects and I don't trust these drugs and what effect it could negatively add to my situation. So I'm desperately trying to find a way to handle the expense of my medical situation this vacinne has injured me with. My doctors are hoping one day my immune system will go into remission and stop attacking my nervous system so I can finish healing to my new normal and go back to some form of a normal life. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story and appreciate any help your able to give.

I'm truely thankful and appreciative !!!! 


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