People of Serbia need your help

Campaign Created by: Jan Zvara
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Goal : €200,000

Raised : €240

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People of Serbia need your help!
We urgently need your assistance in order to inform all the Serbian people that Serbia belongs to its rightful citizens and it is free de jure (by law) from June 16, 2020. 
The previous president of the Republic of Serbia was dismissed on June 17, 2020 by a unanimous decision of all members of the only legitimate and legal assembly -the Temporary Assembly of the People of Serbia, about which the president of that assembly has already submitted information to all relevant international and domestic institutions. The previous president by refusing to voluntarily hand over power from that day continuously violated the CONSTITUTION of the Republic of Serbia.
In order to be de facto free, according to international law 1% of the  country's population is required to agree and confirm the new government. That is the people's government, without politicians, without parties. As many are now aware more than ever that the mainstream media and the politicians placed in these positions are in fact there to distract and work against their own citizens. Mainstream media does not want this information to go viral since it will result in citizens obtaining power over Serbia. 
 The country, its laws and decisions belong to its rightful owners that want the best for their motherland, belongs to the citizens and not to a group of clearly incompetent people- politicians that bend laws and create rules that only favour them, and harm citizens. People of the country are the REAL numbers and POWER. Currency numbers are an illusion and we all now know and see that. The minority have all the money but we PEOPLE have the POWER in numbers. Country belongs to its citizens. Serbia needs to free itself from corruption.
Once the country belongs again to its people, all the entities involved in this corruption on a mass scale will be removed and arrested.
We are kindly asking for any type of  funding to help us to spread the word in order to get the country back to its people and stop the corruption and lies. 
The lives of Serbian citizens depend on information we need to share. All the funds will be used for advertisements such as printing billboards, flyers, brochures, posters, pamphlets and other types of announcements. 
Any bit of donations help. If you cannot donate, please keep us in mind, share the truth and pray for Serbia and its people to become a free country, country of the people.
Thank you and God bless you all!


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