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Goal : $40,000

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We knew within the first few years of her life that Callista had a unique, independent personality. She always challenged the status quo and proved that she would question conventional expectations at a level well beyond her years. This strong-willed free spirit is amazing, and when she is an adult, if she focuses her energy in a position direction, she will accomplish amazing things.

However, Callista's current struggles through the early teenage years have become more than a challenge.  The past 2 years have shown a pattern of decision making that moves further and further away from an acceptable level of teenage rebellion. Despite multiple different levels of professional intervention, Callista continues to demonstrate worsening self-destructive behavior that is beyond the capability of our family and local resources to manage.

After many months of trying to determine the best course of action with our daughter, we have come to the difficult decision of pursuing a therapeutic/ rehabilitation boarding school for challenged youth.  We are frightened for the health and safety of our daughter; we fear that if a significant intervention doesn't occur soon, Callista will be on an irreversible course of substance abuse and dangerous life choices. We worry every day for her life, as well as the safety and mental well-being of her younger siblings.

We have identified a few options of facilities that specialize in treating troubled teenage girls.  Our top choice for Callista at this point is Thrive Girls’ Ranch and Home, a year-round therapeutic boarding school near Austin, TX. Even being one of the less expensive options, Thrive requires a tuition comparable to my annual salary, and overcoming the associated financial hurdle will be a major challenge. The requested amount of $50,000 would cover one year at the academy, with $10,000 needed by the time of enrollment. Any assistance with getting Callista the help she needs will be a tremendous blessing. Thank you for any financial contributions, prayers, or emotional support you may be able to provide during this challenging time.


Update #2
November 25, 2021
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The treatment program for which we have been on a "3-6 Week" waiting list for 2 months still does not have a spot for Callista. We are pursuing other options, but with the holdiday season it will probably be January before we have a solution. In the meantime, Callista will be with her grandparents in Dove Creek, CO. Callista and Kyle had a great time together traveling and camping for a month. It was a positive experience for them both, and a much needed bonding time. 

Waiting for open spot
October 28, 2021
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Callista has been accepted for enrollment at Thrive Girls' Ranch, and is on a waiting list with projected admission in mid November.  Until then, Kyle and Callista are taking a break from their normal activities and spending some time travelling together in the family camper.


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