Trip expenses for Culinary Competition at Disney

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My amazing out-of-the-box thinking, son has an opportunity to be one of the first from his High School to go to a Culinary Competition that will be held at Disney, in Orlando in May of 2022, which is also his senior year of high school.   Why culinary you ask? Well in his world he wants to be a marine biologist working with sharks...What a stretch from culinary right?  His plan is to put work through school as a cook/chef.  He also has decided that learning nutrition will help him with possibly working at a zoo or aquarium as a nutritionist if marine biology doesn't work out.  (I would have never thought this way!)  Plus he tells me, he likes food!  What teenage boy doesn't!

His momma (me), lives on a fixed income, VA disability, I truly believe if GOD's plan includes this it will happen!  a little bit about us! Over the past 12 years, God has done amazing things in our lives.... I (we) are DVI survivors, (since 2008 we have had NO outside contact with his father, because of potential risks), After 24 yrs of marriage and 1 child, I found myself living a nightmare of epic portions! I tell you that only to be able to explain the rest of the story as Paul Harvey says...The Lord moved us halfway across the country, to a very small community where we have had friends who treat us like family, amazing huh.

This son of mine, well since he was 5 has always wanted to be a police officer!  Then in 2012 during a routine surgery for ear infections, the ENT discovered a large mass growing. Further testing revealed a rare congenital cholesteatoma, when they went in to remove it, they discovered it had eaten away the bones in his the result was permanent moderate/severe hearing loss.   So at 10, I had to sit him down and tell him that because of the hearing loss the chance to be a K9 police officer would be impossible.  This amazing boy decided within days that he would become a marine biologist then and study sharks!  He took what he loved and decided on a career... I was 25 still trying to figure out what I wanted to be!  The Lord provides!

The Lord has provided for our needs financially, medically, and spiritually without relying on upon and social programs or any other parental support. I have been his sole provider (okay, actually the Lord has, I can't take credit for his plan). So, in 2014, merely by accident (there is never an accident with God), I was diagnosed with a rather large ascending Aortic Aneurysm, as well as other major medical issues, which ended my military career, after 2 combat tours Desert Storm/Iraqi Freedom, thus the VA disability, and surviving life or death DVI situation, another trial to overcome, and see where the Lord was taking us!. So now we live on a fixed income. Even sharpening my pencil and tightening my belt would not be enough! It's his senior year and I must account for those expenses, now the rising cost in food, gas utilities I certainly can't make it happen!

I can't afford for him to take advantage of this amazing opportunity on my own.  He is working part-time, as needed as a laborer, this summer around his sports schedule. However, come fall, he must focus on school grades.  Why? He has a learning disability (a challenge, which makes school harder especially with math and reading). As a parent, I made school his priority during the school year, not working. He will also participate in school fundraisers, however, we can't hit up the same few friends each month to support him in an effort to raise money, and as I mentioned we live somewhere where we only have a small circle of friends to rely on. Wonderful amazing, Christians but they do have their own children to consider first. 

So there it is, nothing life-altering! Thank you for your time and reading this, AND prayers would be appreciated for Godly direction. 



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