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I was suspended from work for criticizing CRT/BLM. FIGHT BACK with me!

I am C. Catherine Gould-Harvey, a published writer, and a teacher in Christian high schools for the past 20 years. I was recently suspended from work for speaking against CRT/BLM indoctrination and politicization.

My new organization,, will make popular content -- and lots of it -- to reach a broad audience, to help people see clearly and want to engage in strengthening and improving humanity's greatest civilization. I have $10,000 right now to launch, but cc3's long-term success depends on you!

Fund the production of KILLER CONTENT for our side to use as ammunition in the WAR OF IDEAS. We are not putting up a strong front in the arena of popular culture and online content. Let's change that! is a very cool concept -- you're going to LOVE this new content accelerator and online  hub! is a media production agency, but much more than that... it's a content creation accelerator, an online forum, and a hub for counter-revolutionary content. In these days of conservatives and Christians being canceled for dissenting against Progressive narratives, we need to create our own online platforms, content, and communities. has two projects already underway (see below), and will soon launch its first global "content creation contest"... with attractive cash prizes to generate maximum buzz and participation -- that's where you come in! Bigger cash prizes will generate more content and more buzz. Online voting will determine winning entries, and all valid entries deemed worthy of publication will earn the creator a small cash reward and a whole lot of clicks and eyeballs -- invaluable promotion, especially for freelance creators.

cc3 will "accelerate" content creation by always featuring three unique and purposeful projects at a time, one of those projects always being a themed contest that has the potential to generate LOTS of powerful content to spread our message! Every contest topic will be accompanied by a "resource room" of existing content, and a discussion forum.

The first three projects are thematically connected and expose the abusive sham called critical race theory. It's ESSENTIAL to show people clearly that critical race theorists spread malicious lies, and their Marxist agenda is designed to undermine western civilization, the traditional family, and Christianity.

Project 1:
powerful short documentary film, Don't Speak for Me 

This film DISRUPTS the LEFTIST NARRATIVE about Black America by featuring Black thinkers and personalities voicing their criticism of CRT/BLM. A lot of non-white thinkers are against CRT/BLM, but major media never features their voices.

Project 2:
appealing and informative Animated Timeline of Critical Race Theory

This animated "infographic" video will make clear in just a few minutes that the origins and agenda of CRT/BLM are radically Marxist, and the manufactured race war of today is part of a long-term strategy to gain power. Every western person needs to learn that destablizing society and sowing discontent and division is a strategy from the Marxist playbook. People need to know that the CRT/BLM goal is the creation of a Marxist social order. 

Contest 1:
the theme/topic of our first contest is Big White Lies.

The Big White Lies Contest will encourage creators to document, mock, and analyze today's CRT-generated plague of anti-white racism. Contestants will have the opportunity to win cash prizes for creating on-topic media content -- videos, graphic designs for t-shirts/posters, blog articles, podcasts, GIFs... any form of media that can be distrbuted online, we welcome! Each contest will be accompanied by a moderated forum for community discussion of the topic. Contests will culminate in a festival with community voting to decide the winners. 

We're losing the war of ideas. We are under-represented and scattered. Cancel culture is a very clever strategy the enemy uses to silence and shame dissenters. People are finally recognizing that this is indeed a war. Very powerful forces are aligned against us and suppressing truth, banning our voices, and viciously demonizing pro-western Christians and their allies. But this war is ours to win. We can't retreat to personal comfort zones and hope the storm passes, we must bear witness to the truth and fight to stop the left's pathological manipulation, gaslighting, demoralization, dishonesty, and child abuse.

Right now, leftists are emboldened and they are ramping up their efforts to seize power. They use deceit and indoctrination, because they don't have TRUTH on their side. They are moving society towards totalitarianism, disrespecting free will, faith, natural law, and the dignity of the person.

Today's leftists are not like the civil rights activists of generations past; they don't want equality for oppressed people, they openly declare that they want to destroy western civilization and oppress white people as an act of reparation. Consider this excerpt from the "Antiracist Statement" recently adopted by the Harvard University Program in Global Surgery:

                           Racism is inherent to every aspect of our lives .  .  . woven into
                           the fabric of society . . . the absence of conspicuous racist actions
                           is not enough. We must be actively anti-racist. We absolutely,
                           unapologetically denounce our wretched racist system and
                           its proponents without exception. 

That loving gem was written by a trained Marxist race theorist. Notice how emboldened they've become? Consider yourself denounced! And BTW, please do start calling them "Marxist" rather than "critical" race theorists, because the word "critical" is suggestive of "crtical thinking" and "reason", which they diss as symptoms of white supremacy and "tools of the oppressor"!

Where there appears to be no racism, Progressive indoctrination teaches people to simply BELIEVE that it is always and everywhere present, and that consequently, our entire social system is diseased and must go. CRT/BLM has cult characteristics. It seems to defy logic that liberals are embracing this illiberal, genocidal, delusional ideology... but logic itself is deemed  "weaponized white supremacy". See how it works? All dissenters are framed as white supremacists, no matter their skin colour.

Our civilization is under heavy attack from both internal and external enemies. We have a duty to defend western civilization -- for what "system" is a better alternative? Our global enemies are gleeful about the social conflicts destabilizing the west. Our global enemies have deep pockets, and they are funding and abetting the activists. China, for example, is very active in promoting social decay in western nations. I don't want my grandchildren to inherit a world in which they are at the mercy of inhumane communists and globalist overlords. I know you don't want that for your children, either.

It's not an overstatement to say that western schools at all levels are now over-run with leftist professors and teachers. As a result, our education system and media are now socially engineering a population to support a Marxist revolutionary agenda. Globalists, and most Democrats, fund and/or support this dangerous movement. Biden's administration pushes CRT programming, trying to make it the national norm. And CRT indoctrination has indeed become the norm this year -- in both Canada and the USA, CRT programming and "Antiracist" training is now a primary focus in most education contexts and corporate workplaces.

Race-hustlers are having a field day, getting filthy rich while mercilessly undermining western morale with mass dissemination of lies. Regular citizens are being purposely ACTIVATED by cynical Marxist agitators -- "you MUST be actively anti-racist"! They've created civil unrest, and street-level assault, murder, and property destruction is only going to increase.
Proclaim that CRT/BLM does not represent an organic, beneficial civil movement, but a MANUFACTURED race war to promote Marxist revolution. Join the Counter-Revolution! Join!



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