Hope is a waking dream

Campaign Created by: Grant Espinosa
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Goal : $25,000

Raised : $417

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Getting support for my family's next chapter in life would be helping those in need. I spent about twenty years in government service first the Marines and then worked in federal law enforcement within DHS. Now I'm a 100% disabled veteran, husband, small business owner, and stay at home dad who still wants to help others. My wife Nicole is done with her naval nursing career in two months and to add to the excitement our second child is due in July (it's a girl), we are currently stationed in southern California. Two thanksgivings ago I was invited to stay at a southern Arizona ranch along with my entire extended family as a gesture of appreciation from a great family who after finding out my brother and I were "Wounded Warrior's" they wanted to help us come together for the holidays. It was great, we all had a chance to bond as rarely as that happened in the past since we all are located in different parts of the world. During the course of that stay I came to a conclusion when my family was ready to settle down I too wanted to help others who helped secure our safety and freedoms by providing a place they too can come cost free for them and their families. What none of the family knew at that time was I was in a deep depression spiked from past traumatic events I endured during my time in government and dealing with a lot messed up things can take a toll on ones mind. Even though it was only a four day stay, it let me know there are people in this world who care outside our bubbles, it also reminded me how much family and friends can heal each other even if it's just a short period of time with each other.

So about a year ago we bought 10 acres in north Idaho and have been slowly bringing our stuff up there. Once we get it finished, I'll be helping out Veterans and their families, first responders, you name it. I'm creating a place where they can come on vacation and kick their feet up forgetting about all the stresses they might have; at again at no charge to them or their families. I can only imagine things getting worse especially as a result of the lock downs from the pandemic; before the lock downs it was around 20+ veterans a day taking their own life's and I can just imagine how much law enforcement is suffering now as a result of the past year. I started this fundraiser to help us make that dream come true. I'm in the beginning phase so if I need to adjust course I will, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to friends and family to help spread the word.

Your past events probably have something in common with mine, that is you had support/help or after effects that took a while to come over. You might of came out of those hard times with the conclusion life gets hard and never wanted anyone to suffer the way you did. I hope this message brings peace knowing there are people out there who care and want to help.

"But Grant why do you need money raised?" Great question and here is the best way I can put it. I love helping others and that will cost money if I'm going to build a place for them to stay, we already spent a great amount of money starting that dream and could use the support finish our dream. I don't want give the impression it will be a half-way house nor a large rehab facility, our goal is to help well screened persons or families to have a little get away to ride horses, learn how to weld, ride ATV's', hunt, fish, possibly how to communicate better, my dad is musician so maybe one can relate, my sister is a chef maybe teach them how to cook better, use your imagination. It would be the mix of the saying "to give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day vs teach a man how to fish and he'll eat for the rest of his life". I don't think of myself as some scholar, but I do know if I'm providing help it will cost to construct this dream. I want to provide my resources reasonably to that veteran, their family, first responders, a family of a special needs child, etc... that opportunity to kick up their feet. I needed help at one time and the wounded warrior foundation got me into an internship during that transition at the end of my military career that gave me the boost I needed. The Thanksgiving retreat, Operation WarFighter internship and multiple hosted events made me want to carry it forward; I hope there are others out there that can have a supportive roll either through monetary value or networking. I don't think it will be a one size fits all, everyone is different.

"So where is the money going?" Another great question. I want to keep this as grass roots as possible for the simple fact of accessibility and ease. Once you get too big sometimes you lose the initial reason you started and innocently need too much money to operate.

Cost breakdown:
-This will be our place of home first and foremost. I would be honored if you want to contribute to helping us build our dream.
-We are going to have a 60x40 shop that we are planning on using it as shelter especially during the cold months. Our cost is around 55k for the shop build.
-We already have one horse, we are going to be growing the number of horses and goats as time goes forward. They need a place to live and roam, so we are budgeting around 80k for the barn, fence pastor, and all the goodies that go along with them.
-We've already had a contractor working on our land, clearing about 5 acres of wooded areas. That was about 15k, not worrying about the cost of that frees up money for future projects.
-A bull dozer to utilize for the shop, barn, house pads. Include smoothing out the land. I already purchased a 50hp tractor that will be helpful moving heavy items, brush hogging, you know tractor stuff. I know it wouldn't last long doing earth moving work, hence the bulldozer costing around 25k.
-We already have two little tiny home log cabins that we will be converting into a guest quarters estimating cost around 50k.
-The main house is our biggest cost; we are planning around 225k for the build.
-I already have a well installed, septic, and power ran, saving around 50k for future projects.

I hope my message conveyed that helping out would be not only a blessing but would be assisting a family that has been searching for the American dream all these years and now has the opportunity to make it real while paying it forward. Thank you for your time, thoughts and hopefully your family meets mine someday through this journey.

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