I am Earl Shafer a 100% disabled Purple Heart Marine Vietnam Veteran. I gave my oath to protect this country and the Constitution and I am saddened by what this country has become.  God gave mankind a gift of the United States of America and I feel that our government has dishonored that gift.  I will continue to fight and serve my country to make sure that fraud is exposed and we can win our country back.  I need your help.

On Mar 6th knowing the Senate audit of the paper ballots was occurring soon, I was called to go to the Election Center highly suspecting that I would find something in the dumpsters that were curiously placed near the large doors in the side of the warehouse.   Upon arriving a yellow bag was seen.   I jumped in the dumpster to retrieve the bag.   Sure enough, shredded ballots and other papers were found.  Why shredded ballots would appear 4 months after an election and the exact week of an audit reaffirmed my worst fears.   

Now the State has made it clear on social media that they are planning criminal charges against me..  I am appalled they would go after me this way instead of being outraged that there were shredded ballots.   Shredding ballots is a felony and the true criminals need to be stopped.   I am proud and asking for help for my defense isn't comfortable but sadly I find it necessary.    Please consider donating to my legal fund.