we are trying to find a place to rent and and we got to call a woman about this place on Sunday 4/25/21 and I pray that God will bless us with this place to live antell we can build our house and yes we are homeless and handcape family in Kentucky and we are trying to raise funds for a place and we are talking to the right people I can only pray for that and I pray that God will move all that is in our way for us a home we can rent something that is $700 a month for tow years and we are trying everything that we know we are trying to do the right thing for us and let God to gaid our feet staps and we can only pray for THIS we need about $10,000 to pay for all the hookups utilities ànd we need to pay first and last month rent And and a deposit and a pet deposit and a moving truck to move our furniture from the outher side of KY we we use two live in Western KY to Eastern KY and we will know what is up this week we are trying everything we know thank God for you all for your Help with our family getting off the street of Ky

yours truly Jerry and Karen Hibbard