Amy’s Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer Journey

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Hello friends. I have honestly been hesitant about reaching out in this type of platform again. There was so many blessings, kindness and generosity that was bestowed on me and my kids during my "first fight" with Breast Cancer in 2018.  

This July, after experiencing pain in my back for months, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer throughout the bones in my spine. I don't have bone cancer, but Breast cancer in my bones. Those that know I did a full regimen of surgeries/chemotherapy/radiation and hormone blocking treatment when I was first diagnosed which went from April 2018 to April 2019. I was then put on hormone blocking medicine that was hopefully a 10 year go, but I only got barely a year before the dreaded word.


I am now Metastatic. This means I am forever going to be in treatment. It is looked at as treatable but not curable. What I am on now is working- I am stable and pray this will keep it that way for years. I believe in the power of prayer working hand in hand with my medical treatment giving me some hope and miraculous results. The day will come for all of us in death. Anyone could get hit by a bus any day- mine is just parked in the driveway. 

Treatment is expensive, and I have great insurance with my job. Right now, feeling good, I can work and keep it going. There will come a day, as I have seen with others going through this journey, that I will need to stop working. That means going the disability route, and then insurance converts to Medicare. This is hopefully long away, but always "on my shoulder" as a constant reminder. 

Why do I share all this? Because CT/ pet scans/mris/the monthly life saving meds are not covered 100%. The snowball affect of this, plus trying to make it week to week/month to month absolutely sucks. Throw in the divorce that happened in all of this, and I am back to square one in my life in a place that I truly never saw myself being in. I walked away with my stuff, and getting some monthly help, but after 25 years, no savings or retirement or assets to speak of to help me/us. 

Anything that you feel lead to give will be used frugally and for the needs of my family. We have always somehow-someway always eeked by-HE makes a way!  I just really need some peace of mind, to eliminate an unhealthy level of stress. Of course I have bucket list wishes that I hope to do *someday* but now it is too frivolous to really entertain. Keeping the roof over our head, bills, having working vehicles, that is priority.  

I know there is purpose for ME in this life and in my story- thank you from the bottom of my heart for continued prayers for me and mine, and for your blessings. 



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