Fighting Back for Kristal Isaacs

Campaign Created by: Kimberly Fjell
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Hi everyone,

My name is Kim and I am Kristal's sister. Kristal has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She just had her 38th birthday on January 30th. She is considered young for breast cancer to have showed up so early in her life. Kristal has already proclaimed, cancer has no hold on her and she's ready to kick it's butt to the curb!! She has such a huge faith in Jesus, and knows he is by her side, every day.

Most of you know I have fought and beat cancer in 2010 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in early November 2020. After receiving my diagnosis myself and family urged Kristal to have a lump checked in her breast. She went in on Jan 29th for a mammogram screening, which lead to an ultrasound. They found 2 suspicious spots inside this mass. She was told she needed a biopsy of the mass. Kristal had her biopsy on Feb 2nd. She was given news nobody expects to hear on Wednesday the 3rd. The mass was positive for CANCER!

She has been diagnosed with "Invasive Ductal Carcinoma". They have not staged or graded it yet, but we will know soon. The radiologist who performed the mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsy, mentioned that the mass was close to 2cm in size. That will be confirmed once she sees the surgeon and undergoes either lumpectomy or mastectomy to remove the mass.

Kristal will have further testing done on the cancer tissue to find out if she will be given chemotherapy. Right now we know surgery is an absolute and radiation. She sees a surgeon today February 5th. I will have that update soon.

Kristal will need help in many ways to get through this and fight with everything she has. I am reaching out to you all today, to ask for your help. She will have medical bills showing up any day now. She has filled out financial aid paperwork at the hospital. She is in great need for financial help. She is a single, hardworking, Rockstar mom of one ~ Emily monster. Kristal does have some medical insurance, but it has a high deductible and only pays at 50% once she reaches her deductible. She does not know at this time if she will be able to continue working during her treatments.

Please keep Kristal in your thoughts and prayers and if you are able to help financially, it is greatly appreciated. Please help pass along this fundraiser to all you know. Every little bit adds up and she'll need it. I know firsthand how much strain this can cause for a family. Thank you all for sharing and helping Kristal through this extremely tough time in her life.

Kimberly Isaacs-Fjell


Update #5
April 16, 2021
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Hi there everyone.

Sorry it's been a bit. Kristal's surgeries went well and she has been revcovering slowly. She has quit a bit of pain and discomfort, even at a month out. Kristal was given her pathology results a couple weeks ago and they weren't what we were hoping for. The lymph nodes where found to have cancer in them. This meant the cancer had spread ouside the breast area. Kristal will be undergoing chemotherapy every two weeks for 4-6 months. She will then need radiation for 6 weeks.

Kristal had surgery on tuesday(13th) to have her port placed in her chest. She said that went well and she was doing good. She had her frist round of chemo yesterday the 15th. She fly home late last night and was very sick and very tired. I will be checking in with her later today and this weekend.

Send her lots of virtual hugs and prayers if you get a chance today. She needs them for sure today and in the future.

Love Kim

Update #4
March 17, 2021
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Kristal is out and in recovery!! Yay!!! She still has a nerve block in and feels fine. She even sent me proof. A photo. I'll upload it. She'll get discharged tomorrow. I'll check back in tomorrow. 

Update #3
March 16, 2021
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Hello everyone,

Kristal is in AZ today getting ready for surgery. She will go into the OR Tuesday 16th. She has elected to have the double mastectomies due to the size of tumors being removed. She will undergo the mastectomy and reconstruction during the same surgery. 

Kristal will overnight at the hospital tomorrow. Please send her some prayers and lots of healing thoughts. She'll need a little boost I'm sure. Soon as she's out and awake I'll let you all know. 

We are hopeful that once surgery takes place and we get back the pathology reports, she will be done. But until we get those back we won't know anything on possible radiation or chemo. 

Again, we thank each and everyone of you. It has been such a blessing having all of you show up for her. It has not gone unnoticed. 

Love Kim, Fred and Dee Dee Isaacs

Update #2
February 19, 2021
facebook twitter

Hi everyone,

Kristal flew down to AZ this week to meet with the best breast cancer team you could ask for. She has choosen the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to receive her first treatments. 

She has made the very difficult decision to have a double mastectomy done. Upon having a breast MRI done while at the center they have confirmed the tumors are a bit larger than what they could see in previous imaging. She has a 2.6 cm and 1.9 cm mass right next to each other. The  oncologist found in the previous mentioned mri that there was a suspicious looking lymph node that might need biopsied. They did a quick ultrasound and found they didn't need to go any further. No biopsy was needed, and Kristal wouldn't need to wait on any pathology. Thank goodness, small wins are awesome!! 

Kristal will meet with the plastic surgeon in the next 2-3 weeks and they will confirm surgery dates then. We won't have any idea wether she will need chemo or radiation as of yet. They will wait to see what pathology comes back as after they remove the cancer and test her sentinel lymph node. Until then, please keep Kristal in your thoughts and prayers. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives. Thank you, so very much. 

Love Kim

Update #1
February 9, 2021
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You all ROCK!! Thank you so much for showing Kristal all this LOVE and SUPPORT. Keep it up. 

Kristal met with the surgeon last week and went over her treatment options, at this point. Kristal was told there were 2  separate masses. Both totalling 3cm in size, based on images they have. That might change once they remove it and see it in real time. 

The doctor has recommended her to have mastectomies due to the size of the tumor, the growth into the chest wall and her age. He made it clear that it's very uncommon for a women of her age to have breast cancer. That is factored into her treatment options. Kristal will have to undergo chemotherapy after surgery and radiation is also a possibility. We will know more about radiation after surgery. 

Kristal is seeking a second opinion at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Breast cancer is their number one cancer they treat. I've been to see them and I am currently getting treatments at their center. Their whole breast cancer team is top notch. Once we have those appointments done, we will have another update.

Once again, thank you all so much. We are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. 



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