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Goal : $15,000

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Hi, my name is Chris Prinzi and my family (wife Suzana & mother-in-law Violeta) needs some help. A liitle about us: I am 53 yrs old, my wife is 68 yrs old & my mother-in-law is 92 yrs old. Our home is a mobile home trailer in a trailer park and our car is 17 yrs old. Car is paid off but we still have a mortgage on the house for another 6 years, along with lot rent for the park we are in. I was self employed for 17 years, transporting people from Orlando to Port Canaveral cruise ships. Last March (2020) business went to zero overnight because of the pandemic and all cruiselines were shut down. I tried to survive it by using our life savings and then resorted to using our 2 credit cards to keep going, because we were kept being told that the cruises would start back up (1st was a 2 week shutdown, then added 4 weeks more, then maybe sometime in the summer, then late fall, to early next year (2021) and now maybe summer (2021). Last month in Dec (2020) I decided to close the business because it was just eating up money we didn't have anymore. During that time since last March (2020), I desparately looked for any kind of work I could find and was shocked on how hard it was to find anything at all, because so many businesses were shut down and so many others lost their jobs and were looking too. Orlando is a tourist based city and with zero tourism, there are hundreds of thousands of people that lost their job and or business. So many people looking for jobs with so few jobs even available is not a good match. Even jobs that are typically known to be easy to get, like part time janitor, lawn care, door to door sales, ect. were tough to compete for due to so many people fighting for those jobs. I was able to find one job doing lawn care, just one day a week for $80. I also resorted to knock on doors in my area, asking people if they had any odd job I could do for them. Found a few, but not many. Now, with our life savings gone and our credit cards close to being maxed out, we only bring in the $80 a week from my one day a week lawn care job and my wife's social security of $803 a month (mother-in-law doesn't receive social security because she is a legal immigrant from Brazil and hasn't been here long enough to become a citizen). My wife used to be a housekeeper for work, but had to stop doing it because of her mother having Alzheimers/Dementia and can't be left alone at all anymore, so I am the only one that can work. Right now our total income is $1123 a month and not enough to pay the bills. Our mortgage is $497 , lot rent is around $700 (varies because of water usage), we do everything possible to keep the electric down to $60 to $90 , car ins. $62 , minimum payment on credit card #1 is $92 (debt is $5,100) and $105 on credit card #2 (debt is $6,300) just to give you an idea. We spend zero on anything that is not essential (other than the bills, just food and medicine for my mother-in-law). We don't smoke, drink, drugs, gamble or anything at all. We are Christians and love our Lord and Saviour Jesus. Our church helps a little with their food bank once a month and we appreciate that so much. We have never asked anyone for help our entire lives, not even family (which can't help us now anyway, because they are hurting financially as well). During hard times, we just suffered through it until things got better. We don't like asking for help, but we have no choice at this point. We humbly ask you or anyone you know, to help us with whatever you may be able to, whether $20 or $5 just one time. We are not seeking long term help. We don't want to lose what little we have ( our house/car ) and become homeless. Please help with whatever you can and we welcome having a relationship with you and communicate through this, so that in the future when things get better for us, we may be able to return the favor for you someday. We chose the option to donate 10% to GiveSendGo for any donations to help us, to help them keep this crowdfunding site going to help others in need like us. God bless you and thank you for the consideration.


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