Clay and Taryn Speakman

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The funds from this campaign will be received by Aaron Clay Speakman Jr..


Goal : $100,000

Raised : $15,595

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*UPDATE - March, 6, 2021*
Clay successfully received his T-cells yesterday! The procedure was delayed by a day due to a hematoma in his arm as the result of pre-trial procedure. Clay is in good hands, the best actually, at MD Anderson and his wife Taryn is at his side. He is experiencing fever and flu like symptoms but that is not uncommon and his medical team is monitoring him closely.
Please follow Taryn on Instagram to get updates in more detail.

Today is the day!! March 4, 2021 
Clay has completed all of his prep, tests and chemo and was admitted to the hospital last night. Today, Clay will receive his reprogrammed t-cells and they will go to battle. These t-cells have been programmed to defeat the cancer. I am a layperson but you can find a link below with all the details of this amazing clinical trial "Car-T".
Clay is in the best cancer treatment hospital in the world, MD Anderson, and has the best team of doctors and medical staff taking care of him.  So many people around the world are praying for him and his family. So many people have helped financially. Won't you please join us!

Today (Wednesday 2/24) is a big day for Clay. He is at MD Anderson now and will have a multitude of tests including bone marrow biopsy. Please lift him up in your prayers!
Also, the financial need has risen since we started this page. Taryn has lost her job! It was sudden, and due to money constraints there were layoffs and her position was eliminated. Taryn is applying for COBRA to avoid a lapse in insurance coverage which would be absolutely devistating.  COBRA is costly and time is of the essence. Please pray for this to workout before the deadline and please know that without an income after already taking a financial hit and now with increased medical expense, the need is even greater. Clay and Taryn have already refinanced their mortgage and Clay let go of his car to eliminate the car payment.  There is no way of knowing how long it will be before Taryn will be working again in the current economy. So, we have had to raise our goal for Clay and Taryn and their children. Please, anything you can do to help will be so appreciated. 


If you're reading this, chances are you already know Clay and Taryn Speakman. You already know of his cancer diagnosis in 2018 and his treatment. If not, here’s a video of his story:  

But what you might not know is that his treatment – the treatment that started with a stem cell transplant – has stopped working. Clay has been on this regimen for 18 months and it is supposed to work for years.
Clay’s situation has deteriorated, and his numbers started to rise (that’s bad). Miraculously, Clay has been selected to enter an amazing and very selective clinical trial. We don't believe that this is random, but rather the "subtle sovereignty of God" to work all things for His good.
This trial - called Car-T ( ) – is being done at MD Anderson, the best cancer hospital in the world. Car-T has an unprecedented success rate and Clay will begin his treatment very soon in March. Clay will check into MD Anderson on March 3rd and his release date is set for March 18th.
Here's where we are asking for your help:
Taryn was laid off in 2019, right before Clay underwent his stem cell transplant. She was able to find work again - during the worst year ever, 2020 - and ended up taking a huge pay cut to ensure the family has insurance. To contribute, Clay was able to continue his freelance work after his recovery and was also hired on full-time by a fabulous family-owned business in 2020, albeit in a completely different industry.
However, with all of the required testing prior to the new treatment, the weeks in the hospital, and the recovery time, Clay and Taryn are going to lose a lot of income. Their insurance deductible is $10,000 and coupled with the loss of wages we are trying to raise $100k for the Speakman family.
Can you please help? Your generosity would be very much appreciated. Anything would be gratefully accepted.
Taryn and Clay will update his progress on their Instagram feeds:
Thanks very much and God bless you!


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