I am super excited for this year's fundraiser to return to AFRICA and NEPAL‼️‼️‼️

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As many of you may know I am ramping up for what is next for my missionary trips...

   My previous times in the countries of ZAMBIA, BOTSWANA, NAMIBIA and ZIMBABWE allowed me to witness hundreds of lives forever changed by the compassion and the gospel of Jesus in unreached AFRICAN areas!

   My next trips this year wiill be myself returning to AFRICA in the month of June or July and as well, a new trip to NEPAL in October.

    I am starting now with fundraising because planning and costs add up quickly (travel, visas, accommodations, materials, food, insurance, awareness, translators, ground transportation and help aid in these areas of AFRICA and NEPAL). 

I am in the process looking into water well drilling in harsh communities and villages. 

     I am believing for a total of $9,000 or above to fulfill this incredible vision I have for these areas in AFRICA and NEPALl! 

Please contact me with any questions and/or if you would like to donate towards my missionary trips back to Africa and Nepal. 

     Feel free to choose to donate online or the other options for donating can be donate in person or by mail. (Message me if you would like to mail in donations). 


Fan the Flames! 🔥
   Blessings, Jeremy J. Hardenbrook 
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