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You feel it. You have felt it for some time now. America's culture is turning more and more hostile towards traditional Christianity. Holding to conservative Christian morals and being vocal about it will get you cancelled and ostracized. Some of us have lost relationships even with family members because we simply express our opinions on a variety of hot button issues. 

We have had our churches shut down. We have been pushed away from each other by the government's mandate. We have been called bigots, racists, homophobes, nationalists, facsists, xenophobes and a host of other things meant to silence you and I. 

We are being socially pressured to do things that we KNOW are not right in order to even participate in society. Pastors are getting arrested for holding services, conservative evangelicals are being scrubbed from social media and it looks as if worse persecution is inevitable. 

A lot of us are fearful, discouraged, lonely, missing true christian fellowship, uninformed and ill- equipped to fight back. Believers have a history of swimming upstream. We stand up for righteousness and God's rules regardless of the worldly consequences. Our mandate is to follow Christ and preach the gospel. So what do we do?

Christcon 21 is a convention that God has mandated a small group of believers from all walks of life to create in order to fight back against this tide of peer pressure to leave behind God's mandate to go into all the world and preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations. We are producing two days of dynamic workshops, preaching, teaching, worship, fellowship and more that will Encourage, Equip, and Exhort the Body of Christ. 

We have recruited some of todays spiri- led Christian, conservative  speakers and teachers to accomplish this task. Some you may have heard of like Jeffrey McCall, Lucas Miles, Frankie Vega and Josiah Alipate. We have representatives from the Gerogia Right to Life organization as well as official representatives from Candace Owens organization Blexit. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

We are not a large Church or a massive organization. We are just a group of believer's who have heard the call of God to actually DO something about what we see happening.

With this type of an endeavor, there are naturally costs involved. We are raising money in many different ways and are looking to raise money to finish paying for the rental of the facility. The amount we need will cover facility rental, sound equipment, video equipment, stage design and much more. We understand that 2021 may be a trying time financially for most but every amount helps us get closer to Gods goals for Christcon 21. 

You can also buy tickets to the event and come.  We welcome all like-minded believers who refuse to allow the world to dictate to you how you will serve your King...Christ the Lord. 

Thank you so much for connecting with us and understand that your help is KEY and absolutely essential to the success of this convention. 

We look forward to being able to thank each and every one of you!


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