Both Robert and Tammy Bressler passed away unexpectedly recently. Tammy on April 27, 2021 and Rob on January 5th, 2022. With passing away so young and unexpectedly, many financial matters were left unprepared for and unfinished.

As we process our grief and heartache, we want to provide a way for others to give assistance to the Bressler family, and show their deep love and appreciation for what Rob and Tammy meant to them. Kind, thoughtful, generous and giving are just a few words that describe the two of them. Tammy with her loving smile and her ability to find a creative home made gift to give. Rob with his larger than life attitude and a stature to go with it. But like most gentle giants, he would be there with a helping hand if someone was in need. The two of them together were a match made in heaven.

This fundraiser has been put together by the family in the hopes that the legacy of Rob and Tammy can go on in to the future. All proceeds will go towards two main areas:

Final Expenses and Preserving their family home.

Being fully disabled over the years due to prior service as a Marine and many other medical issues; In addition to the unexpected nature of their passing, unfortunately no financial security was set up to prepare for this situation. That leaves final expenses to be dealt with, including some debts and a mortgage on a house that is also in need of major repair. Their son Damion still lives in the home, and we hope to be able to keep him in his families home.

While we know that God will provide no matter what, and that His plan for everything will prevail, we also know that we can come together to assist the family in their time of need. We thank you so much for the kind words, uplifting prayers, and the amazing friendship that you are sending the family.