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Baby Bjorn was born to Kim and Grant by emergency C-section on September 10th. He was brought immediately to the NICU and transferred soon after to the local childrens hospital, where his grave condition became clear. As we continue to pray for his miraculous recovery and for God's sustaining love for Kim and Grant, we also want to provide temporal support in the event hospital bills become unmanageable or they lose their health insurance due to changing employment. Thank you for your prayers and generosity! 


Keep Praying...
September 20, 2021
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Good evening all,
I want to walk a fine line of communicating the dire need for prayers but also respecting Kim and Grant's privacy. I know many folks are continuing to check in for updates on Bjorn's progress. While he has had some small victories, it has become clear to doctors that his road ahead is looking very, very difficult based on his tests and imaging. Please still continue to pray - and even fast - for a miraculous healing for Bjorn. But also please pray for Kim and Grant, for their clear discernment and wisdom in all of the decisions they need to make on his behalf. Kim has asked that we pray that they continue to choose life, even in the face of possible hardship and vulnerability. May God give them, and Bjorn, all of the graces they need to cling to hope and to continue fighting.

MRI Results, Prayers Needed
September 16, 2021
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Bjorn's MRI has showed extensive damage, and they believe continued bleeding of the brain.  Best case scenario is life with cerebral palsy. Right now Kim is just asking everyone pray that the bleeding stops in his brain. 🙏 She forwarded a few photos to share, so that everyone can see the handsome young man, so I've posted them as the main photo for the page. Please keep them all in your prayers!!! 

Prayers for MRI
September 15, 2021
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Please note, the update below has been changed to reflect new information. Bjorn's MRI is now scheduled for this evening, Wednesday Sept 15 at 8:45 pm EST. Please pray!

Update and Urgent Prayers
September 15, 2021
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Hey all, quick update and urgent prayer request. Bjorn is now breathing on his own, and liver and heart function are recovering well. They had him on a hypothermic treatment to lower inflation. When they took him off of that, he began having seizures again. They are very worried about his brain function. *UPDATE* He will have an MRI tonight (Wednesday) at 8:45 pm EST. Today was focused on palliative care, and doctors are concerned about a possible brain bleed. Bjorn's  progress is not where the doctors would like it to be at this stage. Kim and Grant are praying for another miracle, that the results have some positive information for this sweet little guy...and Kim said they could use all the prayers in the world. He is responding to stimuli, including touch and music, and he has been openng his eyes more regularly. Lots of progress, but still certainly a long way to go, and these MRI results will be crucial in beginning to understand exactly what the road ahead may look like. Please keep praying for a miracle! Your prayers have been huge, and Kim and Grant know and appreciate just how important they are! 

Sunday Night Update
September 13, 2021
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Great News!
Baby Bjorn is showing great progress. His liver and brain function seem to be improving, and he has even opened his eyes and is responding to some outside stimulus! Kim and Grant have expressed their extreme gratitude for all of the support, especially the prayers that so many from around the country have been pouring out for this sweet little boy. The conversations have changed at the hospital from preparing for the worst to preparing for what long term damage has occurred. It sounds as though Bjorn still needs many prayers for recovery, and the whole family has quite the road ahead. Please do continue to lift then all up in prayer! And thank you, from Kim and Grant, for all of your love, faith, and aupport!


  • Praying for miraculous healing if it is God's will, and peace and comfort, wisdom, and strength for Grant and Kim. I love my nephew Bjorn. - Madeline Settle
  • God help this baby live. Give him the strength and will to fight and overcome. - Andrew Biolsi
  • I pray that the Lord wrap His divine hands around the doctors and nurses caring for this baby at the hospital and that his health be completely restored by the power of the Holy Spirit. -G Balc
  • Gracious Father God, You ask from us only what you generously offer to give to us. You initiate this conversation called prayer because you desire to bless us with what we need to live a faithful, confident, productive, joyous life today. You are for us, not against us. Lord God, please help Grant and Kim and family, knowing that You are beside them, are on their side, and offer Grant and Kim unlimited strength, courage, insight, and inspiration to confront and solve the issues that they facing. Give them peace when their hearts are distressed by the current turbulence in their lives. Comfort them when they are afraid and grant them peace. Help them to overcome when they feel overwhelmed. I know you have great plans for baby Bjorn and may his life glorify you. We thank you for the power of faith surging into our minds and hearts. We trust in you Father God, for You are our Lord and Savior. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. - Kim M Poynter

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