Serving Armenia 2021

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Goal : $5,000

Raised : $4,213

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As many of you know, Armenia has gone through a very challenging year not only due to COVID-19, but also from an unjust and unprovoked war against the Armenian people in the Artsakh region. A small team from NJ, TX, and MA will be travelling to this beautiful nation to work alongside pastors and missionaries to help those in need from these crises. Our hope is to raise $5,000 for the trip, 70% of which will be used to assist wounded soldiers and their families and/or other post-war relief efforts.  

For thousands of years, Armenians have lived in Artsakh. At its height about 800 years ago, there were 5,000 churches within Artsakh alone. Following WWI, the Soviet Union acquired much of the Caucasus region. To placate Turkey, Joseph Stalin gave the region of Artsakh to the newly formed country of Azerbaijan. Since then and most significantly over the past 30 years since the iron curtain fell, tension between the Arzerbajianis and Armenians has increased as both claim the land as their own. Armenia's claim stems from thousands of years of history, while Azerbaijan's is more recent, but acknowledged by international law. 

In the Fall of 2020, while the rest of the world was focused on COVID-19 and the American elections, Azerbaijan, with the help of the Turkish government and paid mercenaries, started a war to take back the region which, since the early 90’s, had been largely under Armenian control. Azerbaijan had sophisticated technological advantages (such as high-tech drones), larger military, and significant financial reserves. An intense 45 day struggle ensued, as Armenians fought for their homes and families. November 10th, 2020 was a terrible day; Armenia lost most of Artsakh to Azerbaijan including the precious religious capital, Sushi. It is well documented that 10 war crimes were commited against Armenians, including the use of white phosphorus, detonation of cluster bombs in civilian areas, killing the elderly, and the bombing of hospitals. 

Very recent conflicts in the small area of Artsakh remaining in Armenian hands will make it challenging to visit this region during our upcoming trip. Instead, with the help of local missionaries, we will minister in Armenia’s local villages, churches, and central cities to love and serve the soldiers and communities affected by the war (war injuries, loss of loved ones, refugees from Artsakh who have lost everything, etc). 

As stated above, 70% of all funds raised will go to post war relief efforts. 30% will be used for team expenses.  Thank you for your consideration.  Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated.


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